What do we do

Vasari Group  is positioned as a  Promotora developments in Marbella of high quality and exclusive apartments designed to a customer who requires aesthetics, comfort and well-kept finishes and you want a personalized service and a high level of value added services.

 1. Real Estate Development

Promoter is the engine and main pillar of the Group.

His first project was the construction of 20 luxury villas in urb.  VASARI-LA ALZAMBRA , near Puerto Banus, chosen for its prime location and quality of the development works offered.

After the resounding success of the first class, other projects Townhouses, two shopping centers and apartments were made in the same area.

Today, this development, thanks to the  quality of construction, landscaping and overall design  has become one of the most prestigious developments of Marbella and  authentic reference in the Costa del Sol as well as the flagship of the company and where its headquarters is located.

2. Construction

The Vasari Group has its  own construction company, Sucosta Inversiones SL , which since 2000 Promotions Group develops and services to third parties.

The commitment and demand to be the “executive arm” of a development group that provides the  highest quality in the completion of their work  has made ​​Sucosta has quickly become one of the largest construction area level, supported by a group of professionals with great strength and dedication who communicate well with the philosophy of the Group.

3. Marketing Real Estate

To market its promotions, Vasari Real Estate is the real estate belonging to the group .

Vasari Real Estate is part of the prestige and credibility of the group, allowing it to move into the market for the sale of properties with great firmness.

A team of  experienced business , they have taken to themselves  the philosophy of quality and exclusivity of the properties of Vasari , has meant that today, Vasari Real Estate is marketing promotions from third parties with notable success, the trust test the sector in its management.

Also, if a customer is looking for a property at that time not in the portfolio of real estate, they search the market to find what best suits that request.  Enter Vasari Offices Real Estate is to be assured optimal results.

4. Integrated Management of Real Estate Projects

The Vasari Group has developed its capabilities in real estate so decisively that today is allowed to offer  comprehensive project management or the so-called Project Management .

This commitment to undertake a project from  feasibility analysis itself, urban land management, urbanization, architectural design development, construction, sales and marketing, interior design, delivery and after sales , especially in regime “turnkey” you can only buy if you have the security of having a team of professionals in the company and a group of collaborators at the highest level.

5. Other areas of activity

The Vasari Group has always aimed to be at the forefront of  new initiatives in real estate . Proof of this are the business areas in which it has a strong presence and that are parallel or tangential to property development itself.

Its activity ranges from hotel management tourist apartments complex  Vasari Resort , to managing  rental properties , with more than 72 properties managed by companies that make up the group, going through a  Business Center  reference in the Costa del Sol ( Melior Vasari).