Vasari Project Management


Vasari Group is not only a construction and development group with own traders. The Group’s activity in real estate goes far beyond.

The experience gained during the years of activity, many iconic projects carried out, the team that year after year have shaped what is now Grupo Vasari requires a level of action and global commitment.

To conduct this work, in addition to the companies and professionals of the Group, among which are those of the Promoter itself, Sucosta Construction Company and the Distributor Vasari Real Estate, has been known to surround companies of proven solvency in the sector, both in the area of ​​architecture, as in marketing and tax and legal advice.

Thus Vasari Group offers the service of Integral Project Management (Project Management) that allows landowners or investors generally benefit from the experience and ability of a group of companies fully guaranteed.

What does Vasari Project Management?

Vasari Management is a comprehensive service package that allows the development of projects from the first steps, starting from feasibility plans to own marketing promotions, to urban management and architectural design. This comprehensive service can be undertaken only by the accumulated experience and the team of professionals and external consultants available to Vasari Group.

Consulting projects

At this stage it is laying the foundations of what will be the project itself, analyzing from feasibility to manage administrative licenses:

  1. Definition of the Strategic Plan.
  2. Analysis of the feasibility of the project.
  3. Cost analysis, budget and timeline development.
  4. Management planning permission.

Development management

This is the central phase of the project, which are held own designs and implementation. Clearly, it is time in which the management of Vasari Project Management gives greater weight because it is the highlight of the whole process.

  1. Architecture and design development.
  2. Contracting, implementation and monitoring of works.
  3. Budget control.
  4. Change management, quality and deadlines.
  5. Rescue projects.


Phase in which is provided outside the project is sold and delivered. It’s time to reap the fruits of all the previous work.

  1. Commercial management.
  2. Developing marketing activities.
  3. Delivery and sales management.
  4. Interior.
  5. Tax and accounting advice.

See the most representative projects of Vasari Project Management

Managed projects

Grupo Vasari has comprehensively managed the following projects:

  • 1998 Promotion of “Villas del Puerto” 20 luxury villas with garden and pool in Puerto Banus, Urb. VASARI-LA ALZAMBRA, Marbella.
  • 1999 Promotion of “Colinas del Puerto” 32 luxury townhouses in Marbella, Urb. VASARI-LA ALZAMBRA, Marbella.
  • 2000 Promotion of “Mall VASARI CENTER” in Puerto Banus, Urb. VASARI-LA ALZAMBRA, Marbella.
  • Promotion 2001 2 luxury villas with garden and separate pool in Urb. LA CERQUILLA of Marbella.
  • 2001 Promotion of “mall ALZAMBRA” 4,000 m2 of shops and offices, 72 parking spaces in Puerto Banus Urb. VASARI-LA ALZAMBRA.
  • 2002 Promotion of 57 apartments in Puerto Banus Urb Vasari -. THE ALZAMBRA.
  • 2003 Promotion of 18 luxury townhouses with garden and separate swimming pools in Urb. VASARI-LA ALZAMBRA.
  • 2004 Promotion 10 luxury townhouses with garden and separate swimming pools in Urb. ALTOS DE PUENTE ROMANO in Marbella.
  • 2005 Promotion of the luxury complex “Vasari Village” 22 apartments in urb. HILLS VILLAGE in Manilva.
  • 2006 Promotion of the complex “Vasari Pueblo Andaluz”. 52 townhouses and 60 parking spaces in the village of Casares.
  • 2007 – 2015 Promotion of 14 detached villas of luxury in Urb Altos de Puente Romano in Marbella..
  • Current Projects in Execution:
    • Vasari Los Olivos: 19 Luxury Villas in Nueva Andalucía, Marbella.
    • The Lordship of Vasari 8 Luxury apartments in Marbella Urb Lordship..